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Inauguration of three CTB crossing bins

Monday march 9th 2015, Inauguration in the presence of Congolese and Belgian Ministers of the three 35 Tons capacity crossing bins. These Bins, built in collaboration with Meuse&Sambre and financed by CTB will be commissioned by the Office des Routes in Isangi in the Province Orientale and in Bulungu and Masia in the Bandundu Province.

Launching of the oil barge SEP CONGO

Monday Febuary 2nd 2015, launching of the 5th oil barge SEP CONGO classed VERITAS. Characteristics : 1200m³ capacity, split in 10 compartments of 120m², Length of 59,5 m, Width of 12m, Hollow of 2,25m and draft of 1,8 m.

Friday october 31, 2014 Launch of the first or four crossing barges (funding ctb), build in collaboration with Meuse & Sambre.

Wednesday june 11, 2014 Delivery ceremony for the COHYDRO’s entirely rehabilitated Mbenga Pusher in the presence of the Ministers of the portfolio and of hydrocarbons.

Tuesday april 08, 2014 Delivery and baptism at SEP of two 500m³ capacity oil barges. Veritas class.

Saturday 30/11/2013, football game and a march for health for Sainte Eloi, world Day for metallurgy.

. Launch of the production of two new barges of 500m³ classified as Veritas for the SEP CONGO, beginning of October 2013.